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Red Dread!! (Red Thread)

Apr 26th, 2024

'Red Thread' is a very common lawn fungus here in the PNW that produces stringy red filaments when active - hence the name. 

While it can be active year round- Red Thread is particularly active in Spring and Fall.

It can be a bit worrisome at first sight and perhaps even more shocking as morning dew and/or moisture in the lawn begins to dry- it will often leave behind brown spots in the lawn that may appear dead with no sign of hope...

GOOD NEWS- there is hope!

Red Thread is relatively simple pathogen to control once understood and permanent damage to the plant is rare with this disease.

Known as a 'Low Fertility Disease' - Red Thread's prevalence and control is directly related to timely applications of fertilizer- Nitrogen based fertilizers in particular. Only in the worst case situations is a fungicide actually needed.

So you will want to start with applying a quality high Nitrogen product. Once you have applied a Nitrogen based fertilizer and the lawn begins to generate new growth- that unsightly and diseased leaf material will be removed with frequent mowing and will be replaced with new fresh green blades.

Another tip- if you are seeing Red Thread activity during the months you are irrigating - try cutting back a bit on the water and run the system just before dawn to avoid heavy moisture for prolonged periods between evening and first light....

Now that your lawn is back in tip top shape - it will be important to maintain a timely fertilizer program to avoid this issue (and others) in the future.

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