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A Fungus Amongus!!

May 10th, 2024

A call we often get here at JB Instant Lawn - "Why are there all these mushrooms in my new lawn and what can i do about it!"

While mushrooms are not necessarily a bad thing- they can be a blemish aesthetically in a new lawn and cause some frustration...

Mushrooms thrive in moist environments- so it makes sense that they are commonly seen in new lawns that require excessive water while getting established.

In addition- many lawns are planted on soils that have been blended with organic materials that carry a heavy fungal spore load that germinate under grow in conditions.

In almost all cases - mushrooms will slowly disappear with the change in watering schedule for established turfgrass.

In some rare and extreme conditions- if the fungus becomes a problem and causes damage to turf- a broad spectrum fungicide can be applied and is very effective in erradicating the fungus/mushroom issue all together.

The best approach - is usually to be calm and wait it out and know that the problem is a temporary one.

Before you know it - the mushrooms will be gone and you can focus on your lush new green lawn!

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