1 pallet is 480 sqft.

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Sod Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much sod you need by tracing your area utilizing Google Maps.  If your location is not available,switch to our basic sod calculator

To get started: 

Find your work area by typing your address into the search box.

  1. Click Add new perimeter
  2. With your mouse cursor over the map, click the left mouse button to create a series of points around the perimeter of your first lawn space. (Note: if you make a mistake, you can use the right mouse button to delete a point). When a point is dragged, a new point will appear in between.
  3. If there is area inside your perimeter that needs to be subtracted, use the Add New "no sod" zone button to calculate the area of your lawn that does not require sod (e.g. swimming pools, raised garden beds, trees, etc).
    (hint: When creating a "no sod" zone, you need to initially create it outside the "perimeter" zone. Once created, you can drag it into the perimeter zone and refine the shape.)
  4. If you are only ordering for one lawn, click  Place Order. If you need sod for a second lawn, click Add new perimeter again and repeat the above steps. 

Please note that this tool is for estimating purposes only. If you know exact dimensions, our basic sod calculator is available for your use.

Total sod needed:

Gross lawn area: 0 ft.2

Area without sod: 0 ft.2

0 ft.2  

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