1 pallet is 480 sqft.

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Quality Fertilizers to Start Your Lawn and Keep it Beautiful.

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Looking for Sod?

JB Instant Lawn Premium Fertilizers

Available in 25lb and 50lb bags at our Redmond and Silverton locations.  

JB Instant Lawn Premium Starter Fertilizer- 11-26-11

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8lbs/1,000 sqft application rate Considering a new lawn? It starts here!

This specially formulated JB Instant Lawn analysis provides quicker establishment, improved hardiness and increased density for newly planted lawns.

The perfect start for your successful sod installation projects or newly seeded lawn areas! 

JB Instant Lawn Premium Maintenance Fertilizer 25-0-10 (+5% Iron)

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4lbs/1,000 sqft application rate

Looking for consistent lawn results throughout the entire growing season?

This JB Instant Lawn analysis provides essential nutrients for extended feeding and deeper greening of existing and newly established lawns.

Combining slow Release Nitrogen with non-staining Iron this product produces a deep green glow and dense healthy stand you can be proud of!

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