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Winter Lawns

Feb 27th, 2023

This latest Winter storm has some of our customers asking questions on how to best deal with these Winter weather extremes.

Winter cold Temperatures can indeed be tough on lawns and often come with many of the following issues/concerns here in the Pacific North West- super-saturation, frost, frozen ground, snow, ice sheets, pests, etc... leaving turfgrass vulnerable to many potential problems.

Here are few things to consider each year that might help reduce Winter damage and insure your lawn looks it's best heading in to Spring-

*Be sure your lawn gets a late Fall fertilizer application to strengthen the lawn before heading in to Winter.

*Aerate the lawn every Fall - this will help remove surface water and increase oxygen to combat thinning of the stand that can be caused by Winter supersaturation.

*Try to avoid any form of traffic/use on your lawn during the Winter months. Walking, running, equipment, etc... these can all cause damage that may not recover and/or require repair in Spring.

*Scout the lawn through the winter months for disease issues - Snow Mold is a fungal disease that is often seen during this time of year. Treat with appropriate fungicide as needed.

*Scout for Cranefly Larvae damage starting in February. Treat as needed.

It is not uncommon for lawns yellow or even go dormant during the Winter months - and then bounce back with vigor in the spring as the growing season gets momentum.

So don't be discouraged! 

Be sure to come back and check out our next JB blog post on how to get your lawn tip top for Spring! 

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