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Controlling Broadleaf Weeds

Jun 5th, 2024



Good news though- the most simple and effective way to avoid these unwanted guests in your lawn is to maintain a healthy dense stand of grass.

Win Win!

Healthy lawns generally out compete weeds and a properly maintained lawn is the key to being weed free. 

Weeds like most pests are opportunists- here are a few things that can present opportunity for weed establishment and proliferation-

  • Over or under watering.
  • Under- fertilizing.
  • Excessive wear and compaction.
  • Excessive Shade.
  • Lack of over-seeding in Spring & Fall.
  • Using equipment on multiple sites.
  • Chemical damage.
  • Any exposed soil within the lawn

To control or eradicate existing lawn weeds - it may require selective herbicides.

Be sure to identify the weeds that need control and use the appropriate chemical solution following the label closely. 

Timing can be critical for best results and some chemicals can be more toxic to some types of grass.

Here are a couple of helpful weed identification guides for your lawn and landscape-



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