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Start Smart!

Feb 19th, 2021

Getting your newly planted lawn off to a good start begins with JB Instant Lawn Signature Starter Fertilizer.       

Benefits include:

  • Immediatly available elemental support for new turfgrass.
  • Stimulates root growth for quicker establishment with high Phosphorus.
  • Enhances turfgrass vigor and color early in the plant's life. 

The smart way to jump start your new JB Instant Lawn = JB Instant Lawn Signature Starter Fertilizer (11-26-11) *provides your new lawn with the elemental support it needs to establish in a healthy vigorous way.*

*Always followup with an application of JB Signature Maintenance Fertilizer (25-0-10 +5%) 30 days after your new lawn has rooted -  and then a scheduled fertilizer program to insure your new lawn continues to remain strong and healthy in the years to come.


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