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Spring Reminders for Your Lawn

Feb 26th, 2019

Stay proactive heading in to Spring!

Here are a six important reminders to get you off to a good start this year- *be sure to use past articles on the JB Instant Lawn blog for information on the following subjects and applications.

  1. Fertilize with a JB Signature Maintenance Fertilizer.
  2. Aeration and removal of cores.
  3. Over-seed thin areas with matching JB seed as needed.
  4. Scout for Cranefly Larvae damage and treat with insecticide as needed.
  5. Check and adjust irrigation stations to insure the system is running properly.
  6. Equipment Maintenance- Sharpen Blade(s), check fluid levels, etc. on Mowers, trimmers, edgers...

These six tips should go a long way in helping you start out with a happy and healthy lawn this year! 

Enjoy your Spring!!

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