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Benefits of REAL Turfgrass!

Feb 4th, 2022

A nice green lawn or... is it Something More?

Everyone can appreciate a beautiful green lawn right!? 

Question though- how many folks are aware of the many benefits lawns provide in the landscape around us?

For example- trees are given a lot of credit for there carbon capture and oxygen production capabilities.

For good reason - Trees are great indeed!

But when you look a bit closer at the details - 81% to 90% of the carbon captured in the landscape is actually captured by the lawn.

Oxygen? A 5000 sq ft grass lawn can produce enough fresh oxygen daily for up to 34 people!!

Just a quick reminder- your lawn does a heck of a lot more than hang out and look good :)

Want to learn more?

*The diagram below and details provided by the Lawn Institute is great place to start.  Check them out here - OXYGEN

*Also- Be sure to check out our past JB Blog link below for more info regarding the Benefits of Real Turfgrass! 

Lawn Benefits


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