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The Benefits of Real Turfgrass!

Sep 11th, 2019

I think we can all agree that a healthy lawn can be a beautiful and functional part of the landscape.

But in this blog post- I would like to point out some the other important benefits rarely discussed when it comes to lawns or "REAL" turf

(not to be mistaken for that silly artificial 'turf' stuff) - REAL turf actually has a very positive effect the environment and our daily lives.

That's right- I said the Environment- your Environment!

So- lets make a quick and defined list of just a few well documented benefits we get from these everyday emerald spaces.

  • Decreased Soil Erosion - You will find there are few things in the landscape that will prevent soil erosion like REAL turfgrass.
  • Improved Air Quality - Breath easier knowing Real Turf- your lawn included- "traps an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released annually into the atmosphere." Dr. James Beard- Professor Emeritus - Texas A&M University. * this in addition to its massive capacity for Carbon Retention and Oxygen production.
  • Ambient noise, glare and stress reduction- REAL turfgrass softens and reduces much of the noise, glares and hard edges of everyday urban and suburban life that we must often endure to get through our day- creating a more adaptable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Cooling Effect - This is a big one that directly effects comfort levels during both activity and leisure! Natural turfgrass has the wonderful ability to stay cool- Just a quick look at how different the effects of natural or REAL turf compares to the artificial 'turf'- below.

In a recent study conducted on 10 fields by Oregon State University (5 synthetic and 5 natural)- With ambient temperatures for August ranging between 82F to 90F - The average surface temperature of the synthetic was 52.1 degrees hotter than the natural grass surface! to be a bit more clear- the natural turf was actually cooler than the ambient temperature at 80.9 average- while the artificial 'turf' showed an average of 133F! So as you can imagine- doing anything or nothing actually on the artificial would be less than comfy...

While these are some great examples- the list of economic and community benefits certainly goes on and on when it comes to natural turfgrass.

Most importantly- the next time you stop to admire that beautiful stand of manicured natural grass- whether it be your own, a park or a golf course, etc.

*Remember- REAL turfgrass is so much more than we have given it credit for!

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