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Looking Forward

Apr 22nd, 2022


Today's post- a powerful note to our fantastic JB Team- "Moving Forward" together - This is who we are.

Back in 1968 due to a driven nature and a love for farming, Paul and Carl Jensen started JB Instant Lawn with the hopes of increasing sod and seed production in the western states. Because of their tenacity, JB has become the company you see today. There have been many hard years, poor business ventures, and great ideas that didn’t amount to anything. Despite the tough seasons, JB has become a thriving business due to the hard work and perseverance of Mark & Anne-Marie as well as the support of their team of employees in the office, on the road, and out in the field. The desire to continue producing quality products as well as jobs to many employees has kept the business going.

JB has had several successful years recently; the construction market has been booming, COVID caused homeowners to focus on home improvement projects, and we’ve had dedicated employees working to produce, sell, and deliver a quality product. With the job market the way it currently is and the restrictions we’ve been placed under, there is general concern regarding the coming busy season. Where will we find help to get the work done? How will we deliver all the sod? Will the spraying get done in time? Other questions may be coming to mind for you; Is life going to return to normal? If so, when will that happen? What are the long-term consequences from the last two years? There is much uncertainty, but we’re thankful to have the support of each of you and with that, we trust JB will continue to thrive amid the uncertainty. 

Each year there are new challenges to be faced that we cannot foresee and it’s in those times where we discover what we’re made of. We’ve learned many lessons in the last couple of years that have molded and shaped us. If you are like me, you’ve learned some things about yourself that weren’t so nice and it’s been a motivator to change and become someone better!

Often the most rewarding experiences are those that are most challenging. We don’t look forward to those challenges or hard times, but that is where growth and fulfillment come from. Let’s look into the coming year with determination and hope and not let fear or doubt keep us from reaching our God-given potential.

Teresa Sinn

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