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Lawn Aeration

Mar 13th, 2015

Lawn aeration plays a very important part in keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best!

All too often the beautiful and newly planted sod or seeded lawn areas can begin to struggle within a few years without this key cultural application.

Lawns can become both anaerobic (lacking oxygen) and hydrophobic (inability to take in water) over time - lawn aeration can help manage these issues providing increased oxygen and water movement.

So when is a good time for planning your lawn aeration?

The best time to aerate lawns would be in Spring or Fall - avoid temperature extremes during this application. All lawns should be aerated once a year- though some lawns may require twice a year.

How to go about aerating your lawn-

There are many qualified landscape companies who offer this service and there are also options for renting the necessary equipment needed.

The ideal application would include-

  • Aerate lawn with hollow tine aerator and removal/disposal of cores.
  • Fertilize with a quality product that includes both water soluble and slow release Nitrogen.
  • Over-seed any areas of the lawn as needed (best using JB seed products to match existing JB sod lawns)
  • *this is also a good time to apply other products such as lime etc.

Benefits of lawn aeration-

  • Improved air and oxygen levels in the soil.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Increased root production.
  • Better turf density.
  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake.
  • Decreased surface tension and/or standing water.
  • Less thatch build up.
  • Healthier turf overall - with a higher tolerance for environmental stress.

So be sure to aerate your JB lawn at least once a year- and you and your lawn can breath easy knowing you did the right thing!

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