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Harvest Time at JB Instant Lawn!!

Sep 11th, 2020

"How do they do that"!

In this Blog post- I wanted to share a few photos from the field.

A lot of work and care goes in to the process of harvesting our premium JB Instant Lawn Sod and getting it to you in beautiful fresh shape!

Once a field has matured and is ready for harvest- it is ready for our "cut to order" approach- and this process begins with our high tech harvesting machine the "Auto Stack"!















The Auto Stack cuts, rolls, stacks and drops full pallets of perfect sod ready to load on to our trucks and hit the road in a quick efficient manner- *insuring your new sod is everything you expect it to be upon arrival for your project!

Every effort is made to keep our JB product fresh along the way- even tarping as needed for protection against the elements and travel.

Here at JB Instant Lawn - We sincerely appreciate your business and strive to deliver the best possible product!

You can always depend on us to "KEEP ROLLING A LAWN"!!















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